Legal Writing and Analysis, Third Edition

This concise text offers a straightforward guide to developing legal writing and analysis skills for beginning legal writers. Legal Writing and Analysis, Third Edition, leads students logically through reading and analyzing the law, writing the discussion of a legal question, writing an office memo and professional letters. The author then focuses on writing for advocacy and concludes with style and formalities and a chapter devoted to oral argument.

The Third Edition features new material throughout on drawing factual inferences, one of the most important kinds of reasoning for legal writers, as well as additional examples on the book’s companion web site.

Among the features that make Legal Writing and Analysis a best-selling text :

  • It tracks the traditional legal writing course syllabus, providing students with the necessary structure for organizing a legal discussion.
  • The consistent use of the legal method approach, from an opening chapter providing an overview of a civil case and the lawyer’s role, to information about the legal system, case briefing, synthesizing cases, and statutory interpretation.
  • The emphasis on analogical reasoning and synthesizing cases, as well as rule-based and policy-based reasoning, with explanations of how to use these types of reasoning to organize a legal discussion.
  • Coverage of the use of precedent, particularly on how to use cases.
  • Superior discussion of small-scale organization, including the thesis paragraph.
  • Numerous examples and frequent short exercises to encourage students to apply concepts. Many exercises focus on first-year courses and others focus on professional responsibility.
  • A comprehensive Teacher’s Manual that offers helpful advice for instructors.

The Third Edition offers:

  • New material on drawing factual inferences, one of the most important kinds of reasoning for legal writers.
  • Citation materials updated to cover the new editions of both ALWD and the Bluebook.
  • Companion web site will include additional examples of office memos, opposing briefs, letters, and summary judgment motions.
  • PowerPoint slides will be available on the companion web site.

*Teacher's Manuals are a professional courtesy offered to professors only. For more information or to request a copy, please contact Aspen Publishers at 800-950-5259 or

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