Administrative Law: Cases and Materials, Sixth Edition

Administrative Law integrates doctrinal analysis and procedural rules with substantive policy areas to encourage students to see the relevance of administrative law in policy and contemporary politics. Eminently readable introductions, transitional text, and Notes and Questions—coupled with the authors’ engaging approach—have made this casebook a favorite with students and professors.

New co-author Jody Freeman ushers in the Sixth Edition with new materials on cooperative regulatory structures and alternative regulatory procedures. A host of updates include the separation of powers decision in Free Enterprise Fund; the global warming case, Massachusetts v. EPA ; updated coverage of the Chevron doctrine; and enhanced coverage of arbitrary, capricious review.

Features of a classic in its field:

  • outstanding authorship—all authors are luminaries in administrative law and related fields
  • accessible approach that puts doctrinal analysis and procedural rules in real-world perspective and context
  • concentrated attention on the policy and political context of administrative decisionmaking
  • selected provisions from the Constitution of the United States and the Administrative Procedure Act, plus related provisions, in the Appendix
  • comprehensive Teacher’s Manual that presents a variety of approaches and insights for teaching An exciting revision with a highly regarded new co-author, the Sixth Edition brings:

An exciting revision with a highly regarded new co-author, the Sixth Edition brings:

  • Free Enterprise Fund v. Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (appointment and removal of board members)
  • updates throughout, including Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, standing, cooperative regulatory structures, the Chevron doctrine, preemption, and more


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